Xolomon is an online solution for the creation of databases and web applications, specialized in collecting and exploiting clinical information. Xolomon allows for a quick, simple and customized creation of applications such as: electronic data collection books (EDC) for clinical studies, patient registries, electronic medical records, Clinical Trial Managers (CTMSs), CRMs, etc.


Doctors and computer engineers developed our platform to respond to the specific needs of the sector. We combine agility, speed of development and ease of use with the highest industry standards for data protection and FDA applications. We have been servicing our clients since 2011 and have been selected for the Microsoft Biz Spark One program. 


Among our clients are important pharmaceutical laboratories, CROs, Research Societies and Collaborative Groups, Research Institutes, Foundations, and Hospitals.

Xolomon is a cloud application cloud (Web SaaS), works with any browser and on any device.


Xolomon is managed by a multidisciplinary team composed of computer engineers, biomedical and biomedicine professionals, with extensive experience in the creation of clinical information systems. We are a team that feels passion for what it does and seeks excellence in the products and services we provide to our clients.


These are the vacancies we have now open. If you are interested and want to join our team please send us your CV with an email introduction to rrhh@xolomon.com

Commercial software for clinical research Account Mgr.

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Junior Programmer – Sql Server and .Net

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