Xolomon’s technology allows fast and easy creation of customized CRMs. The flexibility of Xolomon makes CRMs adapted to the needs of the organization and not the business processes of a company adapt to fit into a concrete CRM solution.

Xolomon has extensive experience in the creation of CRMs inside and outside the biomedical and health field.


Agile and dynamic

  • Xolomon is an agile tool that allows very rapid creation of customized CRMS for an organization
  • With Xolomon, changes in the CRM can be made quickly and easily, and without service interruptions


  • All information is encrypted before transmission or storage
  • Xolomon is hosted in the cloud using Windows Azure
  • Customizable user roles combined with user groups offer a powerful security model to control access to the application
  • Xolomon complies with the Data Protection Act

Powerful y robust

  • Xolomon is based on Microsoft technology
  • In addition to data collection, Xolomon offers the ability to create customized reports to track the information collected with the CRM in real time

Streamlining and cost savings

  • The speed of development and adaption of the CRM to the special needs of every organization means that Xolomon offers significant cost savings
  • Since it is offered as SaaS (Software as a service), it is not necessary to install software or invest in servers
  • Xolomon offers various flexible licensing options.

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