Xolomon is the choice data capture and management solution provider for CROs. With our collaboration, CROs can delegate development of the necessary applications releasing resources for other activities with greater added value.

We establish various collaboration schemes ranging from the execution of specific projects to deal with peak demand in those CROs that have their own solutions, to complete strategic agreements in which we become the long-term technological partner of the CRO.

In this way the CRO avoids the large hidden costs of maintaining solutions, developing custom applications and ensuring compliance with FDA and EU application development and data protection regulations.

CRO-specific pricing plans offer a highly competitive solution when compared both with other external business solutions and internally managed tools.

Xolomon makes three of our solutions available to CRO: Xolomon EDC, Xolomon Registries and Xolomon CTMS.


Xolomon EDC provides the creation of electronic case report forms for clinical studies offering CROs two licensing options

  • Project. Our operations team is responsible for the creation of the eCRF starting form from the documentation provided by the CRO and using our Xolomon platform. From the protocol and the CRF on paper, Xolomon´s staff iteratively creates the EDC. The technology and methodology used allows rapid development of the first versions and they become available very early so that both the project managers and even the principal researchers can supervise the design of the notebook.


  • Corporate. In this licensing mode, we license our technology so that, after adequate training, CRO staff use it to design and create EDCs autonomously.

Patient Registries

Xolomon Registries is a solution for creating patient registries. Based on the same technology as Xolomon EDC, it facilitates the creation of patient registries in a matter of days. While EDCs typically have a temporary limitation, patient registries are developed for long term or permanent use.  Since the specifications of the registry can suffer changes in this period, the flexibility and agility of Xolomon´s platform presents important advantages. We have wide experience in this type of registries in the most diverse therapeutic areas. Records created with Xolomon can be accessed and even integrated with client portals to import or exchange information


Our CTMS solution offers CROs a system for managing clinical trials from an administrative, legal and economic point of view. Xolomon allows customization of the CTMS to reflect the procedures of each CRO, including customized management reports. Xolomon CTMS includes modules for drug management and dispensing control.


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