Xolomon has a varied suite of solutions for hospital environments. The diverse applications for Hospitals benefit from all the main advantages of our technology: Adaptability, Safety, and Ease of use. Our solutions are fully customized to meet the needs of each individual center or unit. Software as a service. Xolomon is a cloud solution that does not require investments in servers and licenses, while paying on a pay per use basis per the number of users. Costs increase with the size of the center applying volume discounts as the number of licenses increases. All our solutions are safe and meet the requirements set by the AEPD (Spanish Agency for Data Protection) for the management of health data.


Our CTMS solution offers hospital innovation units or groups a system for the management of clinical trials from an administrative, legal, and economic point of view. Xolomon facilitates customization of the CTMS to reflect the procedures of each hospital, including personalized management reports that can be integrated with the corporate website of the center. Xolomon CTMS includes modules for drug management and dispensation control. Xolomon CTMS Is a transversal solution that can be accessed by research units, researchers, data managers, management, accounting / administration and pharmacy, while strict controls in relation with data and functionalities to which each user profile has access.

Electronic Medical Record Systems

Xolomon has extensive experience in the creation of Electronic medical record systems with a focus on clinical research. The adaptability of Xolomon allows the development of solutions fully adapted to the needs of the department or unit.

Xolomon has specific experience in areas such as: Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology or Digestive.

Our system can incorporate a treatment cost control module, extending its functionality beyond the management of the data in clinical practice and research, and including economic management control of the unit.

Medical Committees

Xolomon Medical Committees is a flexible solution for the comprehensive management of interdisciplinary case discussion committees. Our product runs in the cloud, can be accessed from anywhere, and provides a safe way to manage these committees from a security and legal point of view. Thanks to audit logs managed by the application, you can have a total traceability of the information entered and the decisions taken.


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