Xolomon provides an information system for medical committees to discuss and manage interdisciplinary cases: planning and calling of meetings, discussion of cases and collection of minutes. All of these features are in a secure environment and with total traceability of the discussion.


Agile and dynamic

  • Xolomon offers a high level of customization of medical committees systems
  • With Xolomon, making changes and adapt medical committees systems is very fast and easy


  • All information is encrypted before transmission or storage
  • Xolomon is hosted in the cloud using Windows Azure
  • Customizable user roles combined with user groups offer a powerful security model to control access to the application
  • Xolomon complies with the DPA and with the FDA 21 part 11 standard

Powerful and robust

  • Xolomon is based on Microsoft technology
  • Xolomon can create a customized Electronica Medical Record for any medical specialty
  • Xolomon implements a powerful system of validation, queries (manual and automated), and traceability with an audit trail, which makes it possible to collect data with the highest quality
  • In addition to data collection, Xolomon offers the possibility to create customized reports to track the development of the trial in real time.

Streamlining and cost savings

  • The speed of development of Electronic Data Capture processes means that Xolomon offers significant savings
  • Since it is offered as SaaS (Software as a service), it is not necessary to install software or invest in servers

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