Xolomon is a platform for collecting clinical data that allows the creation of patient registries, not only as a clinical research tool, but also for health management purposes. Xolomon has extensive experience in creating Patient Registries for oncology, rare diseases and also for health management, such as registries for paid for performance contracts.

Patient registries are one of our main business areas and we have extensive experience in implementing all types of records. We work for hospitals, biobanks, medical societies, pharmaceutical companies, etc …


Agile and dynamic

  • Xolomon is an agile tool that allows you to create Patient Registries very quickly
  • Xolomon offers a high level of customization for Patient Registries
  • With Xolomon, making changes to Registries is very fast and easy


  • All information is encrypted before transmission or storage
  • Xolomon is hosted in the cloud using Windows Azure
  • Customizable user roles combined with user groups offer a powerful security model to control access to the application
  • Xolomon complies with the DPA and with the FDA 21 part 11 standard

Powerful and robust

  • Xolomon is based on Microsoft technology
  • With Xolomon, Patient Registries can be created for all types of trials from observational trials to large-scale clinical trials
  • Xolomon implements a powerful system of validation, queries (manual and automated), and traceability with an audit trail, which makes it possible to collect data with the highest quality
  • In addition to data collection, Xolomon offers the possibility to create customized reports to track the development of the trial in real time.

Streamlining and cost savings

  • The speed of development of Electronic Data Capture processes means that Xolomon offers significant savings
  • Since it is offered as SaaS (Software as a service), it is not necessary to install software or invest in servers
  • Xolomon offers various flexible licensing options.

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