Xolomon is the ideal technology provider for research societies and collaborative groups.

Our cloud-based solutions offer a quick and easy way to launch an EDC or patient registry without the need to invest in servers, equipment or specific software licenses. Xolomon takes care of implementation, hosting, backups, security audits and user incident management, including the registration and unregistration of participating users.

Xolomon creates customised login sites for each solution in which the necessary materials can be included. These portals can be integrated with others such as group or company portals. Xolomon offers a global view of all clinical trials conducted by a single unit.

Our specific pricing plans for Collaborative Groups and Partnerships offer a very competitive solution compared to other commercial solutions and internally managed tools, including special rates for long-term studies.login sites

At Xolomon we offer three of our solutions for Collaborative Groups and Partnerships:

Planificación estadística
Electronic Data Collection Notebook (EDC)

Xolomon enables the creation of electronic data collection notebooks for clinical trials, observational studies or epidemiological studies. In the most common licensing modality, our operations team takes care of the creation of the eCRD from the study documentation, using our Xolomon platform. From the protocol and CRF paper, Xolomon staff iteratively create the EDC.

The technology and methodology used allows for rapid development of the first versions and for these to be available for both project managers and principal investigators to oversee the design of the notebook.

The flexibility and adaptability of Xolomon makes it the best software for data collection in any type of clinical study, from small observational studies to large clinical trials. The level of customisation of EDC Xolomon covers both the visualisations and access to the application by different types of users, as well as the creation of portals for the organisation or study, with a content management system to upload documentation or specific information.

Xolomon complies with the regulatory standards for data protection (CFR 21 Part 11 and LOPD).

Patient Registry

Xolomon Patient Registry is a platform that allows the creation of Patient Registries, not only as a clinical research tool, but also for healthcare management purposes. Based on the same technology as Xolomon eCRDs, it allows the creation of Patient Registries in a matter of days.

While eCRDs are usually time-limited, Patient Registries are intended to be long-term or permanent. As the specifications of the registry may change during this period, the flexibility and agility of the Xolomon platform has significant advantages.

This software allows the exploitation of structured data, through access to multiple anonymised and secure databases. This is essential for drawing conclusions in clinical trials.

Xolomon has extensive experience in this type of registry in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

The registries created with Xolomon can be accessed and even integrated with portals of Collaborative Groups or Medical Societies to import or exchange information. Patient registries Xolomon is a multi-centric tool, accessible from different points of access.

Patient apps (ePRO)

Xolomon develops mobile applications for patients in the framework of clinical studies and follow-up programmes. At Xolomon we have extensive experience in the development of ePROs, patient diaries and applications aimed at improving patient engagement.

Xolomon ePROs include all the functionalities required for patient diaries: collection of clinical data, diet or medication, data entry from calendar, quality of life questionnaires, notifications and reminders, among others. In addition, Xolomon ePROs have a user-friendly interface, improving adherence to the study.

The apps developed with Xolomon integrate with our EDCs or with a third-party database.