Xolomon was born with the purpose of providing access to digital tools for everybody within the clinical research field, placing at their disposal a safe, fast and reliable data management platform. This kind of solutions are the key to succeed reaching the study goals and undoubtedly simplify the research work.

We are aware of the difficulties a researcher can encounter when starting up a project. This is the reason why we want to support you from our side.

We have launched several clinical research support programs that can ease the access to our solutions to all the researchers who may need them.


In Clinical Research, gathering reliable and consistent data is the key to success. To that end, having tools that facilitate data capture and compliance with data protection regulations in a strict manner (specially in Clinical Research) is a must.

In Xolomon we want students to work with the best tools available from the early stages of their careers. That is the reason why we are going to deliver electronic case report forms (eCRF) at no charge for the medical dissertation/thesis projects we select.

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We are excited to know about your project!

Support to unfunded projects

Are you planning to start a clinical research study but you don’t have yet the financial resources you need?

Xolomon wants to support researchers to conduct their studies even though they may not have the necessary funds. If you want to start a project, please send us the details. After evaluating all the proposals, we will deliver an eCRF at no charge to the projects we select.

Download the brochure of the program