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Our community is made up of the most important part of Xolomon: you.

Our clients include major pharmaceutical laboratories, CROs, Research Societies and Collaborative Groups, Research Institutes, Foundations and Hospital Groups, both public and private, and Universities.

“Xolomon is, above all, flexibility and reliability. It allows the research unit to do something essential for the sustainable development of research, and that is suggestion. It allows me to do something critical for research, which is to manage it and make it sustainable. It allows me to have economic control of the research care activity.”

Merche Gozalbo

Grupo Sanitario Ribera

“As a researcher, Xolomon has been tailored to my needs, providing me with a simple platform with quality, secure and flexible data collection forms. It has helped me in the monitoring and data control functions, making my day-to-day work easier.”

Xavier Serra

Hospital Parc Taulí

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