At Xolomon we offer a solution for the global and economic-administrative management of clinical research conducted by an organisation, whether it is a CRO, a pharmaceutical company, a research institute, a hospital unit or a network of hospitals. Our CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System) allows a comprehensive, flexible, personalised and transversal management of the entire life cycle of a study: regulatory process, patient recruitment and management of tests and drugs.

CTMS Xolomon offers a modular system composed of: Clinical Studies, Scheduling, Invoicing, Patients and Drugs.

CTMS Xolomon offers a reporting system with KPIs, metrics and essential data updated in real time. It allows you to export them in the main working formats, easily and quickly, to analyse and draw conclusions about the management of research.

Conoce en profundidad los ensayos clínicos descentralizados

Developed by experts

Our extensive experience in the field of clinical management and research systems led us to develop CTMSs more than seven years ago. These are widely used by the most important hospital groups in Spain for the management of their research department

Xolomon implements a powerful system of validations, queries (manual and automatic) and traceability through Audit Trail, which allows you to collect data with the highest quality

Xolomon offers a high level of customisation of CTMSs

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