Find the new EDC/eCRF

Xolomon is a state-of-the-art online platform for the creation of electronic data collection notebooks (EDC/eCRF). The flexibility and adaptability of Xolomon makes it the best solution for data collection in any type of clinical study, from small observational studies to large and complex clinical trials.


Designed for you

The Xolomon platform was developed from the outset by a team of computer engineers, biomedical engineers and healthcare professionals with the aim of providing an optimal solution. 

We offer an agile and efficient response to the needs of data capture and management in clinical trials. We also comply with the most demanding data protection standards and applicable regulations (European legislation, such as FDA, GDPR).

Our experience of more than ten years in the development of EDCs for all types of studies, therapeutic areas and clients allows us to provide significant added value to product development.

Integrate your study’s ePROs with X5 from within the EDC editor

Incorporate forms, collect data, closely attend to patients and much more with ePROs X5

X5 implements a powerful system of validations, queries (manual and automatic) and traceability through Audit Trail, which allows you to collect data with the highest quality

X5 offers a high level of customisation of eCRF

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